Bobbie Rose

For US Congress, District 1 (D)

Bobbie Rose has spent her entire adult life working, volunteering and learning in an effort to become the woman with the insight needed to run as a successful candidate for South Carolina’s 1st. District.  These experiences include but are not limited to the following:

Several years in the public school system, teaching both general and special education students in an inclusion setting, as well as extensive work for the NCLB tutoring program.   

Many years working in the Family Court system as a Court Appointed Special Advocate where she conducted case studies of families and determined the best course of legal action to ensure the safety and health of the child involved.

Rose sat on the board of directors of CUNY while attending a specialized program there, culminating in a degree in English and Child Psychology.  Her post education training includes Mt. Sinai Children’s Psychiatric facility, and a citywide suicide prevention program. In light of this experience, she was recently appointed to the SC Foster Care Review Board.

She spent thirteen years running a family-owned business. She has years of experience in many facets of the real estate field, including brokering residential sales, commercial and residential leasing and maintaining residential rental inventory.  She also has experience working with federally backed affordable housing programs and understands how they are affected by governmental funding and regulations.   

Rose loves the variety of civic and cultural organizations available in South Carolina, and is a member of the CSO Gospel Choir, Mensa Society and the Lowcountry Orphan Relief.  She is also a volunteer for the SC Aquarium and the Preservation Society of Charleston.

She and her husband, Thomas, have two wonderful children; a daughter in her first year of college, and a son in High School. 

Here are Ms. Rose's answers to some questions posed by the Institute.

Is there anything else you'd like to let us know?    

I believe that aside from the lack of responsibility shown our district by our current Representative, there is a distressing lack of progression in Washington D.C. that must be addressed. We must hire representatives that actually represent their districts rather than their party agenda.

Why you – why now for this position?    

I want to offer the voters of SC's 1st. District a real choice in the November election, and the choice between my opponent and myself is a straightforward one. He is a conservative, tea party Republican and I am a liberal, progressive Democrat.

What is your leadership style?    

My style is focused on negotiation and collaboration without compromising my core principles. I would never make a vow to a political party ideology, such as "to never raise taxes."  It shows a lack of comprehensive thinking.

With so few women in elected office here in SC what do you foresee to be your greatest challenge once elected to public office?    

I really see the challenge as actually being elected to office. I am confident and there is evidence that when a woman is elected, she quickly exhibits her skills in leading.

Has there been a woman who you’ve admired in the political world and what is it about her that gives you courage to run the race?    

Absolutely Elizabeth Warren! She has shown remarkable restraint and class under grueling and unfair questioning, and is focused and well-spoken about her goals and the problems facing the country.

South Carolina would be a better place if only...   

...a majority of its citizens would not look at political party affiliation as a sort of religion. There is a fear of change that permeates the political process in this state to the detriment of us all.

What keeps you awake at night?    

The fragile state of the environment and the fact that it is a hard subject to talk about frankly in this state.

Your mother always said…    

You can disagree, you can be angry, but you never, never turn your back on family.

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